Rockin' Phonics A-Z Sing-a-long Karaoke

Apple Store Rockin' Phonics children's songs, phonics apps, alphabet phonics


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Apple Store Rockin' Phonics, phonics apps, children's songs, alphabet phonics

An alphabet phonics app featuring  original children's songs and karaoke lyrics! 

Children can read while carrying a tune!

26 original original songs featuring  rocking rhythm, an engaging voice, written words and creative illustrations of animal characters.


Songs are easy to read. Use of alliteration, cadence, rhyming, repetition and phonics sounds sung in contemporary, upeat and very catchy, richly orchestrated melodies.  


Exposes children to many genres of music!

Pop, rock, rap, reggae, gospel, dance, latin, theatre, folk, country and more!




Easy to navigate!


A very musical phonics app!

For ages 2 and up. First learners and English language learners!

Easy picture menu.  Just tap the letter to hear the song.

Easy swipe navigation advances to the next song

Baby-mode option auto advances to next song card every 15 seconds

Big Menu and Pause buttons with fun sound effects are perfect for young fingers

Song can be stopped at any time by tapping the image or the letter to review the words and letter sounds

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