1. The Rockin Phonics A-Z CD –  One CD, 26 original songs,  approximately 40 minutes in duration. 







There is nothing better

than some good old

fashioned learning with the

Rockin Phonics products that started it all!


Product price: All three for $9.95 plus shipping.  Ships by Canada Post. 



Too much screen time?

Canadian Orders $9.95 + $4.70 = $14.65

U.S. Orders $9.95 + $7.55 = $17.50

International Orders $9.95 + $15.05 = $25.00 

 3.  The Rockin Phonics Alphabet Activity Book - Activities for young learners 3 and up.  Contains  26 coloring and letter tracing pages, one (1)page of word tracing, four (4)  word searches, one ( 1 )crossword puzzle and two (2 )word unscramble puzzles, all with answers.





2. The Rockin Phonics Sing-a-Long Book Contains the 26 song lyrics and a picture vocabulary.  Includes description of mouth positions to help second language learners improve their pronunciation.  Includes suggested actions to enable instant recall of the letter.




​​​​​​sing, dance, learn!​