It started in the key of Gee



Rockin' Phonics is the brainchild of Seri Gee, an accomplished musician, composer, and former music teacher.  Classically trained in piano and violin from the Ayelsbury Music College in the UK, Seri crossed over into the pop music genre, mastering skills in composing, arranging and producing and his career spans over 20 years of live and studio experience in the UK, Canada and Thailand.   He is a member of the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. (SOCAN)


Seri composed the Rockin' Phonics A-Z songs during a teaching assignment in an international school in Bangkok after noticing that students that students were responding to music styles beyond the traditional nursery rhyme melodies used in other phonics programs.  He tapped into music styles such as rock, pop, dance, theatre, reggae, funk, gospel etc and composed, recorded and professionally arranged  26 original A-Z songs  that generated a lot of enthusiasm and improved phonics pronunciations from his students. 

He is currently composing his a new collection of children's and phonics songs.




Kalagan Productions 2013

Audio-visual products containing original learning songs that captivate children’s hearts and nourish their minds



"I hope you have as much fun teaching and learning with Rockin Phonics as I had writing and testing all the childrens songs!  I always welcome your feedback and suggestions.  In the meantime, SING, DANCE, LEARN!  

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