The Rockin' Phonics A-Z Album!

The same 26 upbeat songs from the app are also available in iTunes.  You can dowload them individually or download the entire album for only $4.99.  Listening to the songs gets children off their seat to dance, clap, shake instruments and act while singing the songs and learning the letter sounds. 





Sing and dance to your favourite songs! 




The most musical phonics album ever!

Increases awareness of different rhythms of music with original compositions using a variety of music genres:

  • Pop, rock, rap

  • Reggae, latin, soul

  • Funk, ska, theatre

  • R&B, gospel, dance

Richly Orchestrated!

Helps children learn to hear and appreciate musical instruments used in original composition:


  • Piano, organ, synthesizers

  • Brass, violin, saxophone

  • Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

  • Castanets, maracas, tambourine

  • Drums, congas, percussion

​​​​​​sing, dance, learn!​

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