"My three year old son is starting to speak and I am playing the Rockin Phonics CD during our daily activities at home.  I read the Sing a Long Book to him and he loves the funny animal characters.  The bold big alphabet letters, the unique illustrations and the vibrant colors makes it a perfect reading book. We will be using this book for a long time." - Parent

Young girl coloring

"My four-year-old asks specifically for this CD when we're in the car, and both our kids (even the nine-year-old) love it! The music is fun, and easy to learn through its repetition, and the exercise book is a nice bonus too. On the first day we opened the package, our little learner had finished tracing five pages of letters without needing to be prompted, and after the second listening, he was walking around singing to himself with obvious delight, 'F-F-F, Freddy eats fish and frogs on Fridays.' We would recommend Rockin' Phonics to anyone who has a young child interested in learning his/her alphabet with a lot of fun thrown in!"   -Parent of homeshcooler       



"We have not stopped playing Rockin Phonics since we bought it for our 5 year old daughter and our friends are asking us where they can buy the program.  Her pronunciation has improved and she is approaching her reading with more enthusiasm and more confidence.  The music is so catchy even our 2 year old son is starting to sing the words and he loves the comical animal characters in the Sing a Long Book. "- Parent

"The music is a strong component of this program.  As a musician, I appreciate the richly orchestrated and upbeat songs  which have been so professionally  recorded.  Mr. Gee's soulful voice is so appealing to children and adults alike.  It is the only children's CD that I don't get tired of on long car rides.  My children are pronouncing their letter sounds better  since we have started to use this program."



"I can hear the difference between the students who are listening to Rockin Phonics at home and those that are not.  The Rockin Phonics students have confidence when speaking English, they look for opportunities to speak it in the class all the time.  Your program works!"- ESL Teacher


"I use Rockin Phonics as a "home school" tool to introduce the alphabet and pre reading to my 3 and 4 year olds.  We play freeze games to the music so this gets us all into some highly energetic physical activity too!  My 4 year old has been using the Alphabet Activity Book to color the animal characters and is recently started tracing the letters too.  This program is so enjoyable to use, unlike typical children's CDs, this music is contagious, I never get tired of listening to Rockin Phonics.  It rocks!"



"Rockin' Phonics is a fun way to practice our letter sounds and actions.  The songs help our students make connections with phonics and soon we were able to see how this assisted them with their free journal writing.  Parents were thrilled to kow that they can order Rockin' Phonics for their home."  Kindergarten Teacher